To live like Haydar Aliyev

In English on Noyabr 25, 2010 by Araz Önər Etiketlənmiş:

Over the last few days some interesting facts have been circulating in the Turkish media about the 3rd president of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev – someone who, with the will and command of his son Ilham Aliyev, has adopted the status of ‘national leader’. These facts we already knew. These rumors had been around for a long time. The only thing missing was a reliable source to confirm them.

Turgut Er, former press attaché of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan, becomes this source in his recently published memoirs entitled ‘From Freedom to Tyranny’. This is a book that every Azeri must read in order to know his ‘leader’. This book uncovers everything Heydar Aliyev did not do for Azerbaijan, rather than what he did do. The person whose name is mentioned with honor during every newscast, whose picture you see on the top corner of your TV screens during every holiday, the person who is called “Azerbaijan’s Ataturk” does not exist in this book.

Read this book and make sure others do, too. Every nation must know its ‘leader’. Below are five interesting facts selected from the memoirs:

• Did you know that Zori Balayan – generally considered the national enemy of Azeri Turks and wanted on behalf of Interpol – is related to Heydar Aliyev on the mother’s side?

• Did you know that the 20 January massacre was orchestrated by Heydar Aliyev and his people?

• Did you know that Heydar Aliyev blocked Abulfaz Elchibey, who suffered from prostate cancer, from leaving the country and seeking treatment abroad, in effect playing a direct role in the latter’s death?

• Did you know that Heydar Aliyev’s name is among the founders of the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK?

• Did you know that the events on 20 January, the Ganja riots and other events were planned especially with the initiative of Russia and Turkey in order to bring Heydar Aliyev from Moscow to Nakhichevan?

These facts are as interesting as they are important. I‘d like to share with you an anecdote published in – if I am not mistaken – the old
‘Cheshme’ [‘Source’] newspaper.

Heydar Aliyev travels to Hajj. During the pilgrimage, the time comes for the “Stoning of the Devil” ritual. When Heydar Aliyev takes a stone in his hand to throw at the statue of the devil, the “devil” suddenly speaks:

– “Heydar, you’re going to throw a stone at me, too?”

To be continued.


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