Asia Bibi: Another victim of Islam

In English on Noyabr 19, 2010 by Araz Önər

Read what I have written below carefully. It’s a textbook case. I would like it if everyone picked a side.
Asia Bibi is a Christian woman living in Pakistan. She works on a field. As you know, more than 90% of Pakistan’s population is Muslim. Naturally most of her fellow workers on the field are also Muslim. On the field there is a bucket of water for the workers to drink from. In 2009, when Asia Bibi drank water from this bucket, her life changed completely.

Muslim workers complained about her. They complained that she should not be drinking from the water bucket – that she, as a non-Muslim, could contaminate it. Asia Bibi criticized the Muslims’ point of view and inevitably criticized the prophet Muhammad as a result, too.

After this, an Islamic mob attacked her house. They beat her and members of her family. Despite the fact that she was attacked, when the police arrived at her house she was arrested and a case was filed against her rather than the attackers. Like with Adnan and Emin… In November 2010 a verdict was given: “death by hanging.” On top of that, she has been fined USD1100. The sheer audacity of it all… To hang someone, and take money for it.

Upon hearing this verdict, the town cleric who made the complaint against Asia Bibi said he was extremely pleased about it: “Tears of joy poured from my eyes.”

Friends, there’s only one thing we can call this – barbarity. And this barbarity was bestowed upon us by the prophet Muhammad. In the 21st century, to deify someone who lived 14 centuries ago, to sacrifice someone with a child, a family, only shows how ignorant and nonsensical religion is, and how little respect and value it gives to humanity.

The image you see on the right is of the prophet Muhammad. Although he died 14 centuries ago, he does not cease to intrude into our lives like a dictator. He is a live bomb, he is a wandering act of terror, he is the symbol of ignorance and the reason for today’s death sentence against Asia Bibi.

Stop the bomb before it explodes, dear friends. Stop it, so that tomorrow Iranian Shias don’t teach us how to live our lives.


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